Amakhala Conservation Centre

Amakhala Conservation Centre

Research and Monitoring

Our aim is to assist in the development of a sustainable environment on Amakhala Game Reserve by understanding the relationships between the vegetation, herbivores and carnivores within the ecosystem.

Environmental Education

Our aim is to develop an understanding and love of nature in the hearts of children who visit the Centre thus
increasing awareness and concern so future generations can enjoy our natural habitats.


To promote various projects which contribute to the greater “world” of conservation.

The Conservation Volunteer Program

The Conservation Volunteer Program (Run through Safari Lodge owner Mike Weeks), are the veins and arteries behind the heartbeat of Reserve conservation. For those “wildlife tourists” seeking an experience which will enable them to explore, no matter how short a time, a new ecosystem and all its inhabitants awaits them. Not all these visitors have the same motivations. Some may be seriously interested in the conservation of endangered species, the maintenance of bio-diversity or scientific research in a particular habitat. Others may just wish to photograph wildlife. All aspects of conservation are addressed in this course, the longer you stay, the more in depth your experience will be.

No matter how short or how long you have intended to stay, Amakhala Volunteer program caters for any duration. However, we do recommend a minimum of 8 weeks, as we want you to fully experience the African Bush in as much time as you can possibly cater for. The reserve is continuously monitoring and managing game throughout the year. As a Conservation Volunteer you will assist ‘behind the scenes’ on various ongoing conservation projects and reserve priorities. Our duty is to provide the correct and up to date scientific information on the reserve and its animals to the people who make the life changing decisions within the reserve.

The Conservation Effort

Through successful eco-tourism strategies and the management of resources, Amakhala aims to achieve an environment as close to a natural equilibrium as possible.

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